These hot melt adhesives are mixtures of waxes, resins, and other components.

BAMFutura, BAM, PRODAS and PRESSEN are our brands.

MARKETS:, Packaging, Labelling, paper, bookbinding, Woodworking , Insulation – Automotive.

Noteworthy is the package market is demanding. our BAMFutura technological adhesives, are recognized worldwide thanks to their excellent performance, thermal stability, adhesions to all types of substrates, among other advantages. We also have the only adhesives with BRC certification.

Our Adhesives

Throughout its history, Paniker’s growth has been based on five concepts; Service, Quality, Research (R + D + i), High Technology and Respect for the Environment.

These concepts have been key to the continued development of our company and the success of our products, in a market as demanding as that of adhesives.

Water Base, Solvent base, Polyurethane and Bi-components.

Water based

We manufacture a wide variety of adhesives in aqueous dispersion used for a wide range of applications.

Solvent based

We manufacture an extensive range of solvent based adhesives.
These adhesives are made of polymers dissolved in organic solvents.


PANIKER has a wide range of PU adhesives for which high performance bonding is required such us , thermal resistance or resistance to hydrolysis, among others; one-component (1K), two components (2K), Reactive hotmelt (PUR) and solvent-based.


These are based on epoxy resins for various markets where high performance is required, high resistance to temperature, chemical resistance to solvents, adhesion to non-porous substrates, etc …

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