At PANIKER, as expert adhesive manufacturers and in accordance with our Quality Policy, we are interested in guaranteeing the quality of our products.
For this reason, we are certified in ISO 9001: 2015, complying with the requirements for the design, manufacture and marketing of adhesives and glues.

The Beardow Adams Group also has several certifications that guarantee compliance with a Quality Policy aimed at customer satisfaction, food packaging safety and respect for the environment.

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ISO 9001 Paniker
ISO 9001 Beardow Adams
ISO 14001 Beardow Adams
BRCGS Beardow Adams
Política de Calidad Paniker
Quality Policy Beardow Adams


Paniker was founded in 1922, it is one of the oldest adhesive companies in Spain.
Since the shoe wear market in the beginning, PANIKER has diversified its position and has developed wide range of adhesives for demanding markets such us Paper, Converting, packaging, labelling, Graphic Arts, Woodworks, Textile, panel Sandwich, Foam, Automobiles

D+I+I / Environment

Staying true to our pillars, PANIKER has one the most fully equipped laboratories in the Adhesives Industry with highly qualified lab-staff including an exclusive investigation and assessment technician who can guarantee our clients’ expectations

Grupo Beardow Adams

Beardow Adams is a world leading company in adhesives. With 7 factories and 2 offices in 5 countries it produces Hotmelt, Starch, Casein, Water base, Solvent base and Polyurethanes

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