PANIKER has diversified its position and has developed wide range of adhesives for demanding markets such us Paper, Converting, packaging, labelling, Graphic Arts, Woodworks, Textile, panel Sandwich, Foam, Automobiles

At PANIKER we work day by day to make our motto “Adhesive Engineering” a reality. For this, we have an expert Technical-Commercial and Engineering team, which we train continuously, to offer the best solution to our client.

In 2000 PANIKER became part of the Beardow Adams Group, a world leader in the world of adhesives.


We manufacture a wide range of water base adhesives for different markets as a Tissue, packaging, labelling and paper manipulation.


These hot melt adhesives are mixtures of waxes, resins, and other components for a wide variety of applications as, packaging, labelling, wodworking, product assambly, converting, bookbinding.


We develop a wide range of solvent and polyurethane adhesives with a high Temperature and chemical resistance and with a perfect adhesion to porous surfaces.

Shoe Industry

We manufacture a wide range of solvent and water base adhesives for all the applications in the Footwear Industry.


We have a wide range of solvent, water base and hotmelt adhesives for the Woodworking market

Textile – Foams

We have an excellent range of Polyurethanes, solvent-based and Hotmelt Reactive (HMPUR) adhesives for laminating and foaming textiles. We have a complete range of single-component and two-component water-based adhesives for bonding foams, not harmful or flammable

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