• Panel sandwich
  • Isothermal vehicles
  • Home insulation
  • Pavements

1k, 2k and 3k polyurethane adhesives.

bureau veritas paniker


We manufacture a wide range of water base adhesives for different markets as a Tissue, packaging, labelling and paper manipulation.


These hot melt adhesives are mixtures of waxes, resins, and other components for a wide variety of applications as, packaging, labelling, wodworking, product assambly, converting, bookbinding.


We develop a wide range of solvent and polyurethane adhesives with a high Temperature and chemical resistance and with a perfect adhesion to porous surfaces.

Shoe Industry

We manufacture a wide range of solvent and water base adhesives for all the applications in the Footwear Industry.


We have a wide range of solvent, water base and hotmelt adhesives for the Woodworking market

Textile – Foams

We have an excellent range of Polyurethanes, solvent-based and Hotmelt Reactive (HMPUR) adhesives for laminating and foaming textiles. We have a complete range of single-component and two-component water-based adhesives for bonding foams, not harmful or flammable

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