Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Policy

The Management of Paniker, SL wishes to achieve a leadership position in the Sector of: DESIGN, MANUFACTURE AND SALE OF GLUES AND ADHESIVES.

PANIKER is committed to meeting the customers’, requirements as well as other requirements to which the organization subscribes, both for the environment  prevention of damage and deterioration of health, and during the development of its activities.

PANIKER understands quality management, environmental management and its legal compliance in all aspects, safety and health at work, in the activities it carries out as a responsibility within the Global Management of the company, reducing the risks that affect to the company and stakeholders.

Paniker, SL establishes the following commitments:

1-Determine and provide the necessary resources to implement and maintain the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System at work, Rationally use the Resources and make them effective.

2-Offer quality services and products that comply with the client’s applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes (related to the environment, to health and safety hazards, promoting energy efficiency, specific construction regulations and innovative criteria) and that meet the expectations of our customers. ✓ Comply with the requirements established in the Standard: UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015.


3-Our Management System must be aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of Clients, but taking into account the prevention and reduction of Environmental and Labor Impacts.

4-Establish annually Objectives and indicators for each of the activities, processes and sub-processes, which are measurable and consistent with the quality, environment, safety and health policy at work and that said policy serves as a reference framework for planning of the different objectives and goals of the integrated system.

5-This management must be oriented towards risk management with the reduction, elimination and prevention of quality deficiencies, and most importantly, a commitment to continuous improvement of the system, satisfying the customer’s applicable legal and regulatory requirements. most effectively.

6-The environmental effects of our processes are regularly recorded, evaluated and controlled.

7-Risks that affect occupational safety and health are regularly identified, evaluated and controlled, in order to ensure continuous improvement in OSH management and OSH performance.

8-Communicate and make understand the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health policy to the workers, to all Paniker, SL personnel, as well as to all those external stakeholders that may affect them (customers, suppliers, subcontractors, local, regional, national and European administrations, shareholders).

9-Reduce the production of waste, emissions, noise and unnecessary disturbances, as well as dispose or treat them in accordance with current regulations.

10-Reduce damage and deterioration of health, carrying out the evaluation of occupational risks and the updated prevention plan, in order to minimize all kinds of risks, documenting accidents and incidents in the OSH system.

11-Promote the awareness of all interested parties, both internal and external. This policy is documented, implemented and maintained through the quality, environment and health and safety manual and is periodically reviewed within the Paniker, SL Management Committee.

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