Circular Economy: Water-Based adhesives that improve recyclability of packages

Circular economy is an economic concept deeply connected with sustainability, whose main objective is maintaining the value of products, materials and resources (water, energy) in the economy for as long as possible, minimizing waste generation.

The products we consume, might have a linear or circular life cycle, depending on their ability to be classified and recycled. According to its design, with a recycled product or package, raw materials could be obtained and new products or packages can be manufactured.

Organizations such as Ecoembes (Spain), propose recommendations to design packaging that facilitate their recycling. Among these recommendations, the use of adhesives soluble in water at 85oC is suggested.

At PANIKER, almost 100% of our water-based adhesives are dispersible. This means that they positively help in recycling or, at least, do not interfere with this process.

Our grades of water-based adhesives EUROPANOL and TISSUECOL, widely used in different industries of paper, cardboard, wood (folding-gluing machines, tube winding, plywood), are examples of products that work within this sustainable scheme.

As manufacturers of water-based glues for different types of packages, we provide upon request, a certificate of dispersibility issued by our Laboratory.
From our R + D + I Department as well as from our GREEN TEAM, we continue working to provide our clients customers with products that add value to their processes.

If you want more information about our dispersible adhesives, send us your query.

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