February 2021: Changes in the General Direction of Paniker.

Beardow Adams Group announcement:

The past year has been a challenge for everyone in our Group and I thank you all for your hard work and commitment. Despite the challenges which the global pandemic has brought to us all, I am very happy to report that we have had very few cases of COVID-19 and thankfully everyone that has fallen ill with the virus has returned to good health.

As we continue to grow and invest, it is important that we also look at the future plans for all of our people within the Beardow Adams Group.

Around 20 years ago Paniker became part of our group and Carlos Rocamora Feliu and Francisco (Paco) Pérez Pérez were appointed to lead the company.

Carlos and Paco have worked for Paniker since the early 80’s with Paco responsible for Commercial & Technical. Carlos has managed everything from Customer Service through to Production, Logistics, Quality and Administration. In the past 35+ years they have increased the Paniker Group from €5m sales to the current level of €20m.

Over the years Carlos has been instrumental in the development of Paniker by improving processes, production flow / machinery and integrating several acquired companies, one of which is Obrador.

Paco started with Paniker as a chemist inventing adhesives for the paper market and also developed, designed manufacturing processes and the commercial model for Paniker’s tissue glues. He has led the sales growth in export markets to countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Senegal to name a few.

Carlos and Paco have decided that now is the time for them to step back from the day to day running of the business and will become non-executive directors whilst they hand over their responsibilities over the coming 18 months to their sons before retiring in full in 2022.

Alan Rocamora started with Paniker in 2012 and moved to Alicante to ultimately become the General Manager of Obrador in 2017. Over the past 5 years he has also taken on more duties from Carlos and is responsible for many of the departments in Paniker.

Toni Pérez has been with Paniker since 2011 when he started as a salesman in Andalucía. He has since assumed increased responsibility over time and currently manages the domestic sales team.

I am sure that you will join me in wishing Alan and Toni well in the successful management of Paniker; they are both keen to continue the philosophies established by Paco and Carlos with diversified markets, high performance products and a personalised approach to customers.

Best Regards

Adrian Day
Group Chief Executive Officer
Beardow Adams Group

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