2020: The year that forced us to reinvent ourselves.

We analyze the main challenges in the glues and adhesives industry.
Interview to Francisco Pérez, Non Executive Director of Paniker.

2020 has been a year that has changed us in every way. What change would you highlight as most relevant?
This Pandemic has changed the way we relate to each other, but it has given us a spirit of collaboration that, far from separating us, has united us with more intensity.

How did Paniker adapt to the new way of working?
The entire Paniker team, which includes myself, has changed the way of working in order to adapt to the needs
of this new reality.

For example, in terms of safety, we have expanded and reinforced our protocols related to PPE (personal protective equipment) concerning people and vehicles, both for collaborators and external personnel, adding more precautions to those we already have as a company of the chemical sector.
We also implemented remote work for all non-essential personnel, a measure we are currently supporting in accordance with the Government’s recommendations.

From Management, the focus was kept on adapting quickly to new customer requests with this new way of working while maintaining the quality and quantity of our service. From the Commercial area, we’ve tried to “be present” in the distance so our clients do not lose the fluidity in their demands towards us. From the Operations area, we reorganize the production processes according to the new security protocols. I don’t want to end this reply without thanking ALL our staff for their collaboration and involvement. Without each of you, we wouldn’t have been able to do it.

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, one of the challenges for organizations has been knowing how to recognize changes in market demands and adapt quickly and flexibly. How was this process being experienced in Paniker?
We are present in many essential markets so our priority was to strive not to break the supply chain. We know that our high production capacity, flexibility and proximity were going to be key to meeting certain demands. In this sense, Paniker was already prepared in advance: thanks to our technology and production means, from the exclusive plant for glues in the Tissue market, we were able to respond to urgent demands since we all observed an increase in the consumption of Tissue products during the pandemic.

We also observed the same in the entire line of packaging glues for food packaging. As a company philosophy, we consider our clients to be priority and unique, which is why we have always worked to have an excess of production and stock that allows us to provide service and meet all demands.

During the pandemic, the central role of the adhesives in the manufacture of products related to health was highlighted.
Indeed and we are honored to know that some of our products have become essential for health purposes, such as filters, masks, food, etc.

This year, a very important cycle is closed for you as General Manager of Paniker after 42 years. What expectations do you have for this new period?

I’d like to continue collaborating with the technical area, something that has always motivated me, personal and professionally, given my training as Chemical Engineer

Finally, knowing your great passion for sports, how did the pandemic change your way of life?
As mentioned before, it’s been a very important change because it affects the way of living and working. I am lucky since I’ve been able to continue doing a daily training from home (we conditioned a room for indoor cycling). On the other hand, my wife also accompanies me in this way of understanding life, so it has been easier.

The big change at a sporting level has been the outings with my club or competitions. However, on a personal level, I’ve been able to enjoy even more the little things in life, a Skype chat with my family, a virtual coffee with friends, spending more time at home chatting, reading and without traveling.

In a word: Appreciate more what surrounds you.


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